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The volunteer requirement for Spring 2024 has two components:

  • 10 volunteer hours per family PLUS 1 snack shack shifts per player.
  • You will be billed $50 per hour that you do not complete and $150 per snack shack shift.


Why do we have to volunteer? Doesn't the registration fee cover all the league operational costs? 
"Little LeagueBaseball® was founded in 1939, and is the world's first community-based, volunteer-operated youth sports program."  Volunteering is a necessary element to every Little League charter. There is no way to have a Little League Baseball® charter without community volunteers.

CLL is operated entirely by volunteers. All of the fields, buildings, structures, equipment, uniforms, events, scheduling and coaching are managed by the CLL Board of Directors and the CLL community - you! Without your time, we would have to hire people to keep the operation afloat, and that is where funds from those who do not or cannot volunteer are directed.

Why are volunteer hours and snack shack shifts separate requirements? 
Each family is required to contribute 10 volunteer hours. This gives families the flexibility to decide where they want to help out, and those who are unable may choose the buyout option, which is $500 for the volunteer hours.  Families must also fulfill one snack shack shift per player.  The number of snack shack shifts needing to be filled is directly proportional to the total number of games. For this reason, snack shack shift requirements are per player rather than per family. Those who are unable to fulfill their snack shack shifts may choose the buyout option, which is $150 per shift. 

Why do the snack shack shift lengths have to change?  Why can't we just add more shifts? 
The snack shack shift lengths necessarily vary from year-to-year. The snack shack schedule is based on the game schedule, and the goal is for the snack shack to be open during (and after) every game being played at our facility. The game schedule is generated only once we know how many teams we will have in all divisions of play. The team count is only finalized once registration is closed, player evaluations are completed, teams are formed, rosters are created, and late registrant placement and player trades are finalized.  The calculation of the number of shifts needing staffing divided by the number of persons available to provide that staffing can only be done in the few weeks prior to the start of the season. 

The reason we cannot lock in to 3-hour shifts and add more shifts is as follows: safe and sanitary snack shack operation requires three (3) persons working at any given time. Each game requires four (4) hours of snack shack operation per game (set up, prep, service, clean up). If each shift were 3-hours, the League would need to fill six (6) shifts per game, twice the number of volunteers needed to cover that same time period using 4-hour shifts. Under that scenario, the League would have to require more than two shifts per player in order to meet the staffing needs of the snack shack. 

Why don’t Board members, Team Manager, Assistant Coaches, Team Parents and Snack Shack Staff volunteer roles have to do any additional volunteer hours? 
These roles require much more than 10 hours over the season. In many cases, 10 hours is met within one week. 

What happens if I am late to my snack shack shift? 

If you are 15 minutes late and/or leave 15 minutes early, you will not receive credit for the shift. 

What happens if I cannot make the snack shack shift I signed up for? 
Communicate with families on your team to see if you can swap a shift. If so, please update the comment section of the Sign Up Genius to note who is working the shift and for which player to ensure all parties receive credit. If you cannot find a replacement, please reach out to the Snack Shack coordinator at  at [email protected] as soon as you can to allow time for a possible paid replacement to take your place. The snack shack must be adequately staffed to be open. Failure to show up and or notify the league to plan will result in a closed snack shack, disappointed players, and lost revenue. 

I cannot find opportunities that work with my schedule to meet the volunteer requirement or snack shack shifts, and I cannot afford to buy out.  What options do I have? Are scholarships available?
Yes. In an effort to allow all children to play baseball, Campbell Little League is proud to offer a limited amount of financial assistance to players in need.  To qualify for financial assistance, a family must show a need, which is demonstrated by providing evidence of receiving financial assistance from a reputable social agency or government entity within the past six months.  Evidence could be in the form of: school district documentation; city vouchers for discounted services for the family (class, sports, or after school program); and/or documentation of receiving subsidized or financial assistance for food, housing, or healthcare. Please email [email protected] to request a simple financial aid application (less than 5 mins). 

How do I make sure my volunteer hours and snack shack shifts are counted?
There will be a QR code posted at the snack shack and each volunteer station. Make sure you scan the QR code when you arrive and fill out the form that pops up, and ALSO make sure you scan out and fill out the form when you are done. 

I'm confused or having a hard time figuring out how to fulfill my 10 volunteer hours. What should I do?
We know it can be overwhelming! Here are some suggestions: 
(1) Make sure you are receiving and reading our email updates. We frequently send out volunteer opportunities, such as field clean up days.
(2) Talk to any board member, or reach out to us at [email protected], to ask how you can help. If you have a particular skill that could help us, let us know! Are you a professional marketer or social media manager? Could your business help us with field or facility maintenance or upgrades? Let's talk!
(3) Talk to your team manager or team parent about additional opportunities, or have them connect you with the board. 

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